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Epitaph Magazine #2

Bienvenidos a EPITAPH MAGAZINE #2 (DICIEMBRE 2020), revista impresa escrita en castellano que cubre todos los estilos desde el hard rock hasta el metal extremo en sus 68 páginas en A4.

Como portada contamos con los suecos CENTINEX, a lo cuales sometemos a un intenso interrogatorio, en el cual hablaremos de su nuevo álbum “Death in pieces” así como un repaso a su carreta.

También tenemos una amplia entrevista a la nueva formación de NERVOSA, hablaremos sobre el nuevo disco/sello de los catalanes PERENNIAL ISOLATION, descubriremos a los brutales INNHUMANITY VORTEX de Polonia y a SUCURBENOTH de Ecuador, así como a nuevas bandas nacionales como OFF HEAVEN, INNERTHA o el combo de brutal death SLIT YOUR GODS.

Nos vamos hasta Mallorca para que una de las bandas pioneras del death metal en España UNBOUNDED TERROR nos cuenten sus planes inmediatos, al igual los thrashers TRALLERY
Repasaremos los 25 años de historia de EMBOQUE con su nuevo disco en directo y charlaremos con los progresivos ORION SAIPH sobre su nuevo EP “The forest within the trees”.
Conoceremos de primera mano la evolución del siguiente disco de los heavymetaleros HITTEN y con BURNING CUCHILLO charlaremos sobre su genial nuevo EP.

Como extra tenemos la entrevista a los responsables de la sala tristemente desapareciada ROCKSOUND BCN, y un análisis de los últimos libros y zines temáticos que han llegado nuestras manos, en lo que llamamos FLYERS, COLA y SELLOS, además de acordarnos de que los bajistas también existen, asi que haremos un test rápido a ALBERTO CAMPS (BLOODY BROTHERHOOD, NUCLEAR REVENGE… ) & ISMA FDEZ. (KARONTE, DORMANTH)

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an oath to death

  1. Aposento
  2. Avulsed
  3. Death Blood
  4. Decaying Remains
  5. Dormanth
  6. Encoffined
  7. Inmortal shadow
  8. Injector
  9. Karonte
  10. Lethargic
  11. Mass Burial
  12. Muerte
  13. Nasty Surgeons
  14. Necrowitchery
  15. Nemesis
  16. Rageful
  17. Sactchu
  18. Sönambula
  19. Undead Breed

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One year and a half after the remarkable split EP with cantabrians KARONTE – “Alliance for death domination”,  BLOODY BROTHERHOOD once more leave us astounded with a dark and blasphemous Death metal work. The Basque trio presents a amazing album named “Don’t break the circle” that is even more menacing and intense than previous albums. The album will be released on first months of 2019 on CD and a limited Cassette edition throught Dead Sheep Productions. The amazing cover artwork was made by the spanish artist Jose Antonio Vives. Tracklist: Intro Into the darkness Kingdom of evil Don’t break the circle The Impaler Massacre in the gates of fire I’m the shadow Sword of ignorance Death to the false king Destroyer Behind the sacrifice Outro

Dormanth completes line up for the upcoming 2018 shows After more than 20 years of inactivity as live band, the return of this legendary band is a great success. The new line up is formed by old schoolers of the Spanish death metal scene: Oscar (Osaleos): Guitar & Vocals Isma (Karonte) : Bass Miguel Angel (Metal Slug/ Osaleos): Guitar Javi (In Thousand Lakes) : Drums Booking: dormanthoficial@gmail.com

Extracted from “Alliance for death domination”(split with Karonte), Bloody brotherhood show us their new video clip “Thousand years of lies”

New Releases !!! We have made a couple of ultra-limited re-editions on cassette of two of our references. – Karonte / Bloody Brotherhood “Alliance for death domination” – Pandemia “Aggression desires” Both professionally duplicated and available from tomorrow day 5th in our online store (include digital download). VERY FEW UNITS AVAILABLE !!

Three bands of Dead Sheep Productions roster, apear in this great extreme metal compilation “…TAN REAL COMO EL PUTO INFIERNO VOL.18”. Here you can listening to some tracks of KARONTE, BLOODY BROTHERHOOD and TROMORT. https://www.facebook.com/tanrealcomoelputoinfierno/  https://tanrealcomoelputoinfierno.bandcamp.com/album/tan-real-como-el-puto-infierno-vol-18 …TAN REAL COMO EL PUTO INFIERNO VOL.18 by TAN REAL COMO EL PUTO INFIERNO  

  Two of the most powerful old school Death Metal bands from northern Spain in a 10″ Split EP(plus CD and Digital Download for free!!!). KARONTE, the veteran band with 22 years of uninterruptible carreer, include 3 new tracks keeping their own style, a mixture of heavy crushing riffs with melodic guitar lines, under the influence of bands such Gorefest, Hypocrisy, Obituary, Asphyx, Bolt Thrower & old Arch Enemy/Carcass(Heartwork years)…  BLOODY BROTHERHOOD from Basque Country, after a successful debut album called “Ritual of blood”,  will show us their aggresive, obscure and rotting old school death metal on 2 new tracks for fans of Obituary, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Malevolent Creation… Highly recommended for fans of blasting old school Death Metal!!! BUY IT NOW!! ►►ONLINE STORE KARONTE BLOODY BROTHERHOOD

BLOODY BROTHERHOOD was born in Gipuzkoa, Spain in 2011. The band was formed by veteran musicians from the country’s Underground scene, and heavily influenced by old school American Death Metal (Obituary, Deicide), and the Swedish scene (Unleashed, Entombed). A lethal combination to say the least. In 2012 they presented their first demo “Bloody Brotherhood”, generating great expectations in the Death Metal media. It is also worth noting that the band participated in a national tribute to VOMITORY, included was their cover of the song “Hate In A Time Of War”. This cover would later appear on an international tribute album to VOMITORY, BLOODY BROTHERHOOD was selected out of 300 bands from around the world to appear on the tribute album. After various national tours, the band records their first album, 2015’s “Ritual Of Blood”. Some of these songs were used on various compilation albums, like “SPAIN DEATH METAL Vol1”. The…

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KARONTE + BLOODY BROTHERHOOD ALLIANCE FOR DEATH DOMINATION – SPLIT 10″ EP Two of the most powerfull bands from Spain in a 10″ Split EP!! KARONTE, the veteran band from Cantabria with 22 years of uninterruptible carreer will include three new tracks keeping their own style, and that is a mixture of Crushing Riffs with melodic lines, under the influence of bands such Gorefest, Hypocrisy, Obituary, Entombed, Bolt Thrower or old Arch Enemy… BLOODY BROTHERHOOD from Basque country will show us their aggresive, obscure and blasting old school death metal on two new and unreleased tracks for fans of Obituary, Slayer, Deicide, Malevolent Creation… Highly recommended for fans of blasting old school death metal!!! www.karonte.info Bloody Brotherhood