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Bloody Brotherhood announce new album details


One year and a half after the remarkable split EP with cantabrians KARONTE – «Alliance for death domination»,  BLOODY BROTHERHOOD once more leave us astounded with a dark and blasphemous Death metal work.

The Basque trio presents a amazing album named «Don’t break the circle» that is even more menacing and intense than previous albums.

The album will be released on first months of 2019 on CD and a limited Cassette edition throught Dead Sheep Productions. The amazing cover artwork was made by the spanish artist Jose Antonio Vives.


  1. Intro
  2. Into the darkness
  3. Kingdom of evil
  4. Don’t break the circle
  5. The Impaler
  6. Massacre in the gates of fire
  7. I’m the shadow
  8. Sword of ignorance
  9. Death to the false king
  10. Destroyer
  11. Behind the sacrifice
  12. Outro