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Epitaph magazine #1Spanish written magazine by Dead Sheep Productions

#1: September 2020
Mercyless, Bloody Brotherhood, Opposer, Aposento, Shaxul/Manzer, Witchtower, Omission, Total Virulence, Hybrid Moon, Reality Check, The Wizards, Undead, Wictoria, Hart “blackgoat” Schindler…

#2: December 2020
Centinex, Unbounded Terror, Nervosa, Hitten, Burning Cuchillo, Perennial Isolation, Off Heaven, Innertha, Innhumanity Vortex, Emboque, Sucurbenoth, Trallery, Rocksound BCN…

#3: Jun 2021
Benediction, Ewig Frost, Asha, Queen Marsa, Dormanth, Evil Impulse, Niklas Sundin, Snakeyes, Iron Curtain, Avern, The Steepwater Band, Crummer…

DEATH METAL CULT – Embloodyment / Ruthless / Vepkoc / Karmak

Dead sheep productions Death-metal-cultFour awesome underground bands united for the Death metal cult.

Ruthless, death metal from A Coruña since 2015, when they release a self release EP called “Trilogy of denial” generating great expectations in the Death Metal media. In 2018 the band sign with Base Records Productions to release their first full CD “Aftermath”

Karmak  is a Death Grind trio with two vocalist formed in 2001 (Venta de Baños – Palencia) with hardcore punk / DIY attitude (his bass player is the designer of the band). Till the date they release 3 long play albums, 2 Eps and a compilation.

Enbloodyment. Death metal band from Madrid. At the end of 2013, Embloodyment decides to record a bit more serious demo with materials they’ve been performing on stage. The demo was called “Let it bleed”. In summer of 2015 the band gets in studio to record its first album, “The One Before the Last”. They are currently in the rehearsal room composing, preparing and recording the songs for their new album

Vepkoc Start in 2010 founded by Juan Carlos Pérez and Manuel López, both from Irredemption. until the date they release a MCD throung Base record

Format: Split 12″ LP
Release date:  Summer-2019
Ref: DSP018
Style: Death metal

Side A

Embloodyment – Fuck us all
Ruthless – Scorched beyond apraisse
Ruthless – Animal encaged

Side B
Vepkòç – Sacamantecas
Vepkòç – Vampira el Rabal
Karmak – De construcción
Karmak – Tenebrio
Karmak – El arte de matarte (Hachazo XVII)

BLOODY BROTHERHOOD “Don’t break the circle”

Second album by this spanish band that plays an aggresive, obscure and blasting old school death metal for fans of Unleashed, Obituary, Slayer, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation.  65 minutes of pure rotting darkness…. Check out this masterpiece!!!. Available on CD and limited cassette tape.

Format: CD / MC
Release date:  April-2019
Ref: DSP017
Style: Old school Death metal


After the success of his previous works (“Valley of sadness” & “Winter comes”) this classic Basque band releases their new full album throught Dead Sheep Productions/Base record prod & Necromance records . Deeper in Death metal but with their classic melodic touch, Dormanth stablises their selves on the top of spanish melodic death/doom metal bands

Format: CD
Release date:  9-March-2018
Ref: DSP016
Co-release with Necromance records y Base record Production
Style: Death metal/Melodic Death metal


ALASTOR “The dark tower”

Close to celebrate 30 years of ALASTOR, the band delivers yet again a powerfull dose of black thrash in the old way. 48 minutes of furious,fast and aggressive thrash. Another great recording from the Portuguese veterans. If you are a fan of black and thrash metal (Slayer, Kreator, Sodom, Hellhammer, Bathory…), you should check out this album.

Format: CD
Release date:  29-January-2018
Ref: DSP015
Co-release with War Productions
Style: Old School thrash metal


LETHARGIC “Chapter soil”

Lethargic es a spanish Death Doom maniacs combo. One of the most interesting bands from the Spanish scene in last years. “Chapter Soil” contains 7 tracks plus two extras and a classic version “Into The Grave” (Grave). Edited as a three-body digipak by Noise Records, Dead Sheep Productions, Humanicide Recs and EvilMind Records.”Chapter Soil” contains 7 tracks plus 2 bonus and a cover of “Into The Grave” in three bodies digipack. Edited by Ruido Noise Records, Dead Sheep Productions, humanicide Recs and EvilMind Records..

Format: CDr PRO – Digipak
Release date:  March-2018
Ref: DSP014
Co-release with Ruido Noise, Humanicide records & Evil Mind records
Style: Death metal


TROMORT  Camino de la sangre 

Format: CD
Release date: 20-03-2017
Ref: DSP013
Co-release with Hecatombe Records, Black Seed ProductionsNooirax
Style: Death metal


DORMANTH  Valley of sadness

All the classic works of this legendary band in the same CD!!. Melodic death metal with big influences of bands such old Paradise lost, Amorphis…. “Valley of Sadness” contains “Sadness” demo tape (for very first time on CD), “Valley of Dreams” (their first album), “Voice of the soul” 2015 EP and 2 previously unreleased live tracks from their early days!!!!. Original cover artworks, rare pictures, flyers, posters and lyrics are included on a 20 pages booklet. Highly recommended for fans of quallity melodic/doomed death metal!!! A must have CD!!!

Format: CD
Release date: 01/March-2017
Ref: DSP012
Style: Death metal



From the depths of  “Buelna valley”, LOS PERDEDORES show us 10 songs of pure rock!!. From the most ancient blues, the powerful hard rock of the 70’s to the primal punk-rock. Lyrics in Spanish that will not leave you indifferent and all with a raw and direct sound. In his logo he defines himself!! … SUPREME HIGH GAIN ROCK FROM HELL !!

Format: CD
Release date:  22/December-2016
Ref: DSP011
Style: Hard Rock


KARONTE + BLOODY BROTHERHOOD  Alliance for death domination

Two of the most powerful old school Death Metal bands from northern Spain in a 10″ Split EP(plus CD and Digital Download for free!!!).
KARONTE, the veteran band with 23 years of uninterruptible carreer, include 3 new tracks keeping their own style, a mixture of heavy crushing riffs with melodic guitar lines, under the influence of bands such Gorefest, Hypocrisy, Obituary, Asphyx, Bolt Thrower & old Arch Enemy/Carcass (Heartwork)…  BLOODY BROTHERHOOD from Basque Country, after a successful debut album called “Ritual of blood”, will show us their aggresive, obscure and rotting old school death metal on 2 new tracks for fans of Obituary, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Malevolent Creation…Highly recommended for fans of blasting old school Death Metal!!!

Format: 10″ EP vinyl + Digital download + CD / Cassette
Release date:

  • VINYL+CD: 20/April – 2017
  • CASS: 04/sept-2017

Ref: DSP010
Co-release with Hecatombe Records & Base record Production
Style: Death metal


ANGER TEARS – Censored

Re-issue on CD of the classic cult demo 93 “Censored”, from the spanish thrashers ANGER TEARS. Original 7 tracks plus 2 unreleased bonus from the very first demo tape from 1992. New cover design, 12 page booklet and tons of pictures, posters, press stuff, biography, original credits and cover. Mastered in CUBEX Studios NY (USA). Last oportunity to get an atemporal piece of fast, powerfull and technical Thrash Metal for fans of Megadeth, Sacred Reich, Forbidden, Vicious Rumors…

Format: CD
Release date: 2/March-2016
Ref: DSP009
Style: Thrash metal



Mordor “Hogar dulce hogar” + Entombed alive demo
Mordor “Evolución?” +  Sin lechuga demo
(*) Each Cd includes new layout on Digipak format
Ref: DSP007 – Ref: DSP008
Co-released with Whisper Productions
Style: Thrash metal
Fecha de edición:  4 – agosto – 2015


ANTICLERICAL – 1991-1996 Descanse en paz  SOLD OUT

Grindcore/Death Metal legend… that’s the definitive compilation, including unreleased 1995 album “Extrañas sensaciones”, Demo 1992, Split Tape with K.D.K. 1993, compilation songs & rare live songs.

Format: CD
Release date: 9/July-2015
Ref: DSP006
Style: Grindcore
Co-released with Brutal Arratia Records, Odio Sonoro , Humanicide Records, Dead Sheep Productions, Producciones Tudancas and FAK records


PANDEMIA – Aggression Desires 

Dead Sheep Productions proudly presents the new work of cantabrian thrashers PANDEMIA!! Fast and powerfull thrash metal in the old way, a furious mix between US Bay Area & Teutonic masters. Cutting edge guitars, smashing drums and a mind-bending mix & mastering by Dynamita Studios (Soldier, Teksuo, Mercyless, Dark Sun…). Including two great covers of classics as Whipash (Metallica ) & Zombie attack (Tankard)

Format: MCD / CASS
Release date:

  • CD: 28/March-2015
  • CASS: 04/sept-2017

Ref: DSP005
Style:Thrash metal


KARONTE  – Vivo y resucitado
(Ltd. 20th anniversary edition) SOLD OUT

In 2014 after 20 years of existence, KARONTE published an exclusive and limited edition called “Vivo y resucitado”. Only 120 copies (12″ LP+Cd Digipack) with a spectacular presentation, including part of a live recording and the re-recording of 4 tracks from their old 90’s demo tapes.

Format: LP white vinyl + CD Digipak
Limited to 120 copies white vinyl + Cd Digipak
Release date: Oct/2014
Ref: DSP004
Style: Death metal


NORTE (Film documental) – DVD SOLD OUT


Format: DVD
DVD Content:  NORTE + Pics Gallery + Director notes
Release date: Oct/2014
Ref: DSP003
Style: Extreme Metal
Concept & Direction: Jhonny Gonzalez

Pandemia “Sed de sangre” Promo EP  SOLD OUT

Format: CDr
Release date: Jun 2013
Ref: DSP002
Style: Thrash metal


KARONTE “Paraíso sin fe” SOLD OUT

In 2012, released their second CD called “Paraíso sin fe”. More aggressive than previous stuff, KARONTE settled deep into the foundations of heavy end, powerful and melodic of extreme metal. With this work they receive excellent reviews by the underground press worldwide.

Format: CD Digipak
Release date: 12/12/2012
Ref: DSP001
Style: Death metal