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New release – Alastor -The dark tower" (Portugal)

Close to celebrate 30 years of ALASTOR, the band delivers yet again a powerfull dose of black thrash in the old way. 48 minutes of furious,fast and aggressive music. Another great recording from the Portuguese veterans. If you are a fan of black and thrash metal Slayer, Kreator, Sodom, Hellhammer, Bathory, Wisplash, Carnivore, Bulldozer…), you should check out this album.

1. Intro I – O Livro dos Mortos
2. O Mal Morto
3. Nas Trevas
4. O Pai da Mentira
5. O Poder do Inferno
6. Invocações
7. Intro II – Fornicação Bestial
8. Possuída por Satã
9. Depois do Sarcófago
10. Portal Maldito
11. Máquina Infernal (O Olho do Inferno)
12. Final Obscuro
Total running 47:33
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