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Revel In Flesh ‎- Deathevokation – LP


Debut full length of this amazing German Death Metal band. Old-school Death Metal with the Swedish touch from the masters ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, GRAVE and the likes.. This is the re-release from 2016 in black vinyl. Limited to 300 units.

A1 Culpa Et Inferna 4:17
A2 Shadowbreeder – Until Hell Freezes Over 3:30
A3 Wings Of Death 4:37
A4 Iron Coffin 6:43
A5 Bloodfeast 3:37
B1 Slavish Obedience 4:53
B2 Opus Putrescence 3:46
B3 Black Paled Elegy 5:03
B4 Crowned In Darkness 5:53
B5 P.T.D.

Written-By – Master (2)




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