REDIMONI / GRAVEYARD Procession Of The Gravedemons – The Ultimate Profanation Split 7″ Splatter


A1 –Redimoni – Annihilate Without Mercy
A2 –Redimoni – Mesmerized By Fire
B –Graveyard – Into The Mausoleum

This is the blue/orange splatter vinyl edition limited to 250 hand-numbered copies (out of the 500 pressed in total).

Finally the long awaited release of this split 7″ has arrived! Limited to 500 hand numbered copies, this profane split is available in 2 versions: splatter blue/orange *THIS (250) and regular black (250). The REDIMONI side features 2 previously unreleased thrashy tracks that surely annihilate without mercy, leaving nothing but wrecked necks and thirsty mouths behind! The GRAVEYARD side features a 2009 re-recorded version of “Into The Mausoleum”, a crushing and haunting track originally recorded in 2008 that would make even a zombie forget about eating brains and headbang (at least for 5 minutes and 34 seconds anyway)!!

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Weight 200 g