Weak Aside – Forward Into Darkness – CD


Weak Aside – Forward Into Darkness – CD – FDA Records

Submerge (Intro)
Until You Died
Royal Blood Dethroned
We’re All Condemned
In The Deep There Is No God
Face Down
Poison Gas
The End

Germany is more known for their Thrash Metal, but they do have some great Death Metal bands, and WEAK ASIDE is a fairly unknown Death Metal to the world, releasing their 3rd full length album after a decade since their inception. The album starts with a mid-tempo atmospheric guitar driven 1 min instrumental song in “Submerge”. “Until You Died” continues where “Submerge” ends. Its groovy old school styled Death Metal. The vocals by Tom Zorn are in-your-face thick growling Death Metal vocals, just the way I like it in this genre. I am not the biggest fan of the bass instrument, but as is the case with most Death Metal bands, the bass is really utilized very intelligently here and its utility and impact can be felt here. “Royal Blood Dethroned” is a train wreck but doesn’t have the chaos and brutality of Brutal Death Metal genre, so it still feels old school and just about right for what the band is trying to achieve here. The sound of soldiers marching and the tempo building and the guitar solos add so much more to the song in the latter half of the song that it is sure to leave the listener asking for more. “We’re All Condemned” is like a dance track, but with the sound of Death Metal.

It has great groovy feel to it. The drums are just about perfect with their fast blast beats, and not to forget the occasional surprise package of guitar solos. One of the things that I need to mention here is that the sound of WEAK ASIDE sounds very catchy and memorable for a Death Metal band. “Contact” continues where “We’re All Condemned” ended, and has some great blistering drum beats combined with some cheesy guitar solos. “Violence” feels like a disappointment, only due to the lack of variety with respect to some of the previous songs. The cheesily titled “In The Deep There Is No God” is one of the better songs of the album, with its eerie guitar solos, and really loud drum beats. “Face Down” clearly illustrates what duel vocals can bring to the genre of Death Metal. Its unique, it’s beautiful, it could have been a hit or a miss, but this time, it’s a hit. “Poison Gas” runs like a wheel less horse cart in the open field. The riffs are juicy, groovy and beautiful and work greatly with the growling vocals, making you headbang at every riff. The aptly titled “The End” is much more milder compared to some of the heavier songs on this record, but still packs some great thick juicy riffs and some emotional growling vocals in there.

With ex members from DEW-SCENTED, DAWN OF DISEASE, OBSCENITY ; WEAK ASIDE has packed some great songs in this album for the joy of Death Metal fans. It’s not as much as innovation and variety as how good the band does what it promised to do. Barring few songs and the bland artwork, this should be in the wishlist of all Death Metal fans.

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