NOCTURNAL HOLLOW – The Nuances of Death – CD Digipak


1.Crooked god 02:47
2.Demonic Breath 02:44
3.Unholy Priest 04:06
4.Skinless 03:29
5.Raven eyes 03:55
6.Praise the unbless 04:16
7.An evil wrath 03:51
8.Soul in flames 03:14
9.Warmarch 04:19
10. Martyr’s Path 04:38

DEATH METAL is alive and well… and a global phenomenon. NOCTURNAL HOLLOW is the next big thing, and this time they are not from Sweden, but from Venezuela of all places. South American bands are genuine in their approach, they live for their art and they are usually in for the long run. NOCTURNAL HOLLOW’s album number 4, “The Nuances of Death”, is a stunning performance of intricate, riff crazy, genuine (that word again!) old school Death Metal of the highest order! The awesome production showcases this unbelievable duo at its peek, with flawless guitar / bass execution through out, solid vocals delivery and thunderous drumming making this 4th album a spectacular case study for the years to come, a blue print for quality music that nobody should passes by in any possible way. We strongly suggest Death Metal fans into BLOODBATH and ENTRAILS to get a copy of this stunning new album right away!

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