Grieving Age – Merely The Fleshless We And The Awed Obs… – 2CD


1-1 Merely The Ululating Scurrilous Warblers Shalt Interminably Bray!! 18:50
1-2 O, Elegiac Purulent Purtenance, O Sepulchral Longevous Billows 15:43
1-3 Till The Forlorn Opprobrious Malady Thrives Amongst The Dtridulous Indigents We! 24:55
2-1 At The Licentious Abortionist’s Abattoir, Thine Disinherited Gravid Worms Adjure Excruciatingly 18:38
2-2 I’m The Dilacerated Sewed Flesh ! I’m The Sculpturesque Doomed Soliloquy! 27:20

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