FUNEST – Desecrating Obscurity – CD


1 Beyond the Grave 5:48
2 Orgy of Bloodshed 5:06
3 Room 36 4:14
4 They Never Found His Body 5:04
5 Only Whores Die Young 5:32
6 Halloween 2:17
7 Conceived in Violence 3:13
8 Nothing in the Dark 1:55
9 Dawn of Chaos 7:28

The crushing debut full-length from this Italian ensemble of devoted death metalheads. Formed back in 2012 and seasoned in other Italian Death and Doom Metal bands, Funest take pride in keeping the ancient, putrid and uncompromising Death Metal flame alive via crushing and memorable riffs, monstruous growls and a tight-as-fuck rhythm section, that will definitely appeal to fans of bands like Nihilist/Entombed, Death, Grave, Autopsy, God Macabre, Asphyx, Crematory, Carnage and Massacre. Featuring a jaw-dropping artwork and layout by the talented artist Cesar Valladares, and guest vocals by Johan Jansson (Interment, Regurgitate, Uncanny, ex-Centinex, ex-Demonical, ex-Fulmination, ex-Uncurbed…) on two songs, “Desecrating Obscurity” is the first yet solid step of a band that will definitely find their own place in the current Death Metal underground scene very soon. Don´t say you weren’t warned!!!

1 Intro – Desecrating Obscurity (Instrumental) 01:35
2 Buried And Forsaken 03:55
3 Obsession For Desecration 02:51
4 Darkened Genesis 03:10
5 Fornicate The Deceased
Backing Vocals – Johan Jansson
6 Catacomb Torture (Mutilator From The Grave) 03:30
7 Interlude – Butchering The Prophet Of God (Instrumental) 01:32
8 Marching On Dead Angels 03:26
9 Blessed Shepherd Of Decline 03:35
10 The Stench Of Blessing 03:14
11 Ascension In Desolation 04:39
12 Deranged Baptism
Backing Vocals – Johan Jansson
Keyboards – Arcanus Incubus

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