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KARONTE – An oath to Death – Swedish death metal tribute CD

KARONTE - An oath to death

At the end of may will be available, through the bands and this Shop, «An oath to Death», a tribute CD to the Swedish 90s death metal scene (ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, UNLEASHED, GRAVE, NIHILIST, CARNAGE) with some of the strongest names in the underground underground scene (AVULSED, MASS BURIAL, NASTY SURGEONS, APOSENTO, UNDEAD BREED, NEMESIS, ENCOFFINED, DORMANTH, RAGEFUL, DEATH BLOOD, IMMORTAL SHADOW, INJECTOR, KARONTE, LETHARGIC, MUERTE, NECROWICHERY, SACTHU, SONAMBULA.)

KARONTE participate with their own vision of a classic such “Wolverine blues” from Entombed.

We only will have a little amount of cds so… be quick!!